What type of cake is your favorite one? Do you like chocolate cake? Black forest cake? Or the Vanilla one? Perhaps an ice cream cake?

There are many cakes to choose when you go to the cake shop. But the cake that is catching everyone's attention is not mentioned in the list! yes, I'm talking about the Cake which has the image printed on it!The image printed cake are on the demand these days. This type of cake is the best of the birthday cake.

No matter If it's a farewell party, birthday party or a wedding anniversary it is trending everywhere. but have you ever imagined how the photo is printed on the cake? Pirajees have some of the best cakes in pune. Doesn't matter if it is a Birthday Cake or any other cake. Well this blog covers everything that you need to know about the printed cake. 

So how do bakers make the photo printed cakes?

Bakers have named this kind of cake as special treats photo cakes. The photograph on the cake looks exactly like the one you would see in a photo frame on your wall. The only difference is that you can eat the photo on your cake! There must be a lot of possibilities that your mind having about making this type of cake. In case you are thinking, these pictures are drawn by hands, then you are wrong. That's not how it's done.

The photo that you see on top of the cake is the edible picture taken from the printer. yes, you read that right! Thanks to modern technology that we can make an edible photograph that can be used as a cake decoration. It is as easy as printing a normal photograph from the regular printer at your home.

Though, the method of printing the photograph has changed over the years. In the early day, the icing paper was made from rice. Today there are a number of different types of icing paper and frosting sheets available out there in the market. Just to let you know, they are made from a variety of materials such as potatoes, cornstarch, and sugar and starch mixtures. There is nothing to be worried about the chemicals as it is completely organic


This is how the printed cake is made! isn't it cool? the technology has moved so forward that anything is possible! The Photo printed cake is so attractive that you can impress anyone on a special occasion. If you haven't given it a try then what are you waiting for?