A nicely decorated cake is a delight to look at and a joy to consume and share. The presentation makes a difference and often involves intricate points that are difficult to achieve. Here are 10 cake decoration tips that will ensure that your baked cakes make the mark, time and again!

  1. Decorating sets make a difference

Decorating sets are nice to have for the decorations to come out nicely and make a cake stand out from the rest. Icing bags make a difference and give you the liberty to decorate a cake in unique styles. Cutters of different shapes and a set of spatulas are some basic cake decorating tools to have.

  1. Homemade icing

Icing that melts over a cake and complicates the patterns can be the greatest tweak in cake decoration. Attempting to make your own icing is a fine way to keep the patterns nice over a cake, and also lets you control the amount of butter that goes into the icing. If your icing is too fine, it may have too many air bubbles. A lit bit of practice makes a difference and cakes come out better over time.

  1. A smoothened out selection

Cakes without icing are free from crumbs when they are turned upside down. This too can take some trials before the project turns out just right.

  1. Removing the crumbs

To keep the surface of a cake smooth and tender, you can use a spatula to apply a thin layer of frosting on to the outside of the cake. Each time you use the spatula for a fresh layer of icing, you can scrap it off in a different bowl so as to prevent crumbs from getting on to the cake.

  1. Using a bench scraper

Using a bench scraper lets a cake have smooth edges and makes it more stylish. As you grip the bench scraper in one hand, use the other hand to hold the turntable for best results. Using the scrapper at a uniform pace and repeating the activity a couple of time works better for the cake’s appearance.

  1. Decorating the sides

There are some easy ways to decorate the sides of a cake that do not require any specialized tools. You can try making scallops by first pasting a small ball of frosting towards a side by using a small spoon and then making a tender pattern by pressing the spoon gently over the ball towards a side. Scallops can be made in iterative rows over a cake’s side.

  1. Putting a rose over the cake

A rose over a cake is one of the finest cake decorations which takes some practice but can be accomplished in a couple of trials. Place section of wax paper over a small plate and hold it in your hand. Then you start by making the curved center of a rose over the wax paper with a star piping tip, which should stay nearly parallel to the plate. You can then make the second and third layer of petals of the rose around the center. They can have three and seven petals, and you can move the tip of the star piping pen to get the shapes of the petals right.

  1. Writing on a cake

Writing on a cake is artistic work and can take some trials before it comes on really nice. The round piping tip is best suited for the work and you try over the parchment before the final trial over the cake. If you plan to make innovative shapes, you can even attempt the same with mustard.

  1. Toothpick trick

Before you actually start writing on the cake, you can make some patterns with a toothpick over the cake icing for the pattern that you intend to make. If the toothpick pattern doesn’t look perfect, it is easy to resume the cake back to the prior state.

  1. Close the bag

It is best to secure the pastry bag with a rubber band for best results for the icing to come out nicely.

A nicely decorated cake adds to the joy of festivity for birthdays and new years’ eve. Pirajees is a reliable partner for getting sublime cakes for special occasions that make a difference to the celebrations.