Have you ever wondered why do we celebrate birthdays? Who introduced the ritual first? Or what is the reason behind it? It might have crossed our mind at some point but we never bothered to go deep into the matter. Well then, let us just take you to its roots.

If we speak in the simplest terms, birthdays are nothing but a reason to celebrate the presence and existence of your loved ones and add another year to the life belt. But little did we know there is so much to that. The traditions have been evolving years after years and decades after decades turning into what it is today. This fabulous tradition originated somewhere and that is what we are trying to discover today.

We have harnessed together all the stories, hypothesis of many historians making it one great part of our culture. So here is what we came to know

Birthdays were not celebrated until the introduction of the calendar

Every civilization that took place on the earth had no means to keep the track of time except the sun and moon cycle and some significant event. But this method was a difficult one to follow and pay attention to.

As the time passed by everyone realized that they all grow and age. This provoked them to discover an avenue and mark a special milestone for it.

And then the ancient people started taking note of the changes of the moon cycle and seasons and also noticed it recurrence. This was when the calendars were invented that marked the changes and important events.

Egyptians began it all

Historians who deeply studied the Bible said that the very first mention of the birthday was around 3,000 B.C.E and was in context to Pharaoh’s birthday. But it was not the celebration of their day of birth but their crowning ceremony.

You can be thankful to the Greeks for all those birthday candles

Greek culture was all about the Gods and Goddess. The Greeks would try to entice them by paying different tributes and sacrifices. The lunar goddess was no different. To pay her a tribute, Greeks would offer her cakes lit with candles since the candles would be considered as a source to send a prayer or signal.

Birthdays began as a protection form

It is said that the Greeks followed the Egyptian culture to celebrate the ‘birth’ of the god. Similar to many different cultures it was said that on the birthdays evil spirit would roam around and candles were lit to represent the light in the darkness. This denoted that the birthdays were celebrated as to set a barrier between good and evil.

The first ever birthday of a common man was celebrated by ancient Romans

This was the first ever time that a non-religious figure had a birthday celebration. Regular Roman Citizens would see this opportunity as a reason to celebrate the day of their friend or a family member. This further evolved and led to the government offering a holiday on the birth day of someone famous. But the thing worth noticing here is that only the birthdays of males would be celebrated. Females got this liability in the late 12th century.

Christian Culture first considered birthday celebration as a pagan culture

Christians would believe that everyone is born as an original sin. It was only after 4th century Christians started thinking differently and began to follow this beautiful ritual of birthday celebration.

Germans were the first to introduce the birthday cakes

By the time cakes were introduced the birthdays had become a common thing to celebrate all around the world. But the most famous birthday celebration was of the 1st birthdays. The credit for the special birthday cakes goes to the Germans and their cooking skills.

The industrial revolution made its way to sugary cakes

Sugar cakes were something only wealthy people would enjoy as the ingredients required were considered to be luxury ones. Then arrived the significant period in the history of time known industrial revolution and marked the significant change, permitting the birthday celebrations in all culture to escalate.

Birthday celebration had to go through all these phases to evolve as the most celebrated occasion.

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