You don’t need to be any kind of nutritionist or scientist to detect the freshness of bakery items but simply need to buy products from the bakery of cake shop that have ample amount of customers every day. Another better way to check the freshness of bakery items is to have knowledge about the cooking, baking and the world that revolve around the bakery.

Based on experience and knowledge, we have gathered important tips on ‘how’ to check the freshness of such items. Bakery products: Bread, Cakes, Pies, Cookies, Pastries, Rolls, Patties, Pattice, creams, biscuits, savories, etc.

1) Now to first start with basic, Spoiled and Inedible are 2 different terms when it is about baking. Three days old cake is brittle and dry. It has cardboard and Styrofoam mouthfeel, due to the lost moisture. It naturally becomes unpleasant to eat. It is Inedible but not spoiled. Spoiled: The food which has deteriorated up to the point of no longer being edible or usable Inedible: The food which has deteriorated up to the point of longer being tasty but usable

2) Organoleptic traits: Organoleptic traits are those of or pertaining to the sensory properties like taste, color, and feel of a particular food. Involve your sense organs to know the freshness of your bakery item. For instance: Three-day-old cake is organoleptic and different as compared as fresh cake. It’s not spoiled, but it can be unpleasant to the senses. And after a certain period, it will start to rot. It is a slow process that involves molds and bacteria development from the inner part to the outer part. A number of cakes are better on the second day, and this is also factual for some pies.

3) Vacuum sealed: Most of the baked goods that are vacuum sealed last longer than open and manual packing. Branded and Industrial goods are usually vacuum sealed. Their shelf life is longer than manual ones. These items have good packing which means that they also have an expiry date. You need to check that. See the ‘best before’ and ‘Packaged on’ dates. This information is usually printed with black ink and small font size on the sides, head or bottoms and on the backsides of the products and never on the front.

4) Trusted Bakery: This is not a tip related to ‘how to check’ but a precaution which saves your time to check. Buy bakery goods only from trusted outlets. By trusted we mean that go for one that has at least 10 to 15 clients per day. That way, we can be sure that they have to bake or bring in new cakes, cookies, pies, pastries, bread, etc. If you are going to try a new bakery or brand than see that you buy a small amount and size of goods. Here then comes the part of checking.

5) Dryness or Moisture: Most of the bakery products are moist and contain a quantity of water or fruit juices. They dry up after a certain time period. For instance: The cakes which have creams. They are easy to detect because cream dries. You can feel and literally see how fresh a cake is.

Even though here are some pro tips about the freshness of cakes: If the cake is decorated with dark icing colors, then an older stored cake will have spread colors onto the white portions. Always buy a buttercream-frosted cake rather than whipped topping because whipped topping may make it easy for air to reach the cakes, and that way it loses its moisture and it becomes dry and nasty.

Buttercream covers the cake fine and keeps it fresh longer. Store your cake in refrigerators and not in room temperatures. It can be stored depending upon the fillings, toppings, and icing. For long-term eating purposes, you can freeze it. It preserves the taste as well.

Order cake online (pirajees website link) from the website of cake shops. Such portals usually make cake within some hours after you place an order. They might deliver or ask you to pick up. Store cakes in containers or original boxes to keep the toppings intact. For better understanding see the table below: It is recommended to eat most of the items as early as possible. All bakery goods can contain water level in different quantities. The greater the amount of water (mostly of fruit), the earlier it will spoil.Diverse kinds of baked products s have different shelf lives. The colder the temperature of refrigerator you store them in, the lengthier they will last. The fewer time they spend in contact with air, the lengthier they will last. Why is it important to measure freshness? We measure the freshness of bakery goods to ensure their freshness characteristics along with shelf-life.

Most of the times, customers may have specific necessities about cake texture, feel and appearance. In that case, the goal we are to reach a certain level of moistness, maintain the crumbliness or increase the short-bite. Measuring the freshness helps every one of us to see how close we reach the product as well as brand success goals. Place an order online for bakery items on official websites of cake shops. Pirajees is one of those cake outlets where you can place cake orders. We deliver fresh and yummy cakes. Taste now!