Planning a birthday party can be a lot of fun, but it can get hard on your bank accounts too. We do wish to make these special occasions even more special by celebrating them but the at the same time want to spend less and enjoy more. Well, here one thing to consider and understand is that best birthday parties don’t always have to involve the expensive venue, menu and other things. We can plan a fun birthday event within our budget. You can not think how? Let us show you some of the things you can do and spare your pocket from some heavy loss. Sticking to these points you will be able to arrange a memorable birthday party without costing a fortune.

Choose a low-cost yet elegant venue

Before you decide the specifics of the party like the food and guests, you first need to decide the place to execute it. Since we are talking about the budget you must go for the places that are free or costs less.

If you are wishing to throw a relatively small party then you must opt for your home or backyard as a venue. If this seems small for the guests then you can try booking a picnic area in your park.

Decorate the venue by yourself

Regardless of the venue, you might want your party to look elegant and that will definitely need decoration. Well then rather than being a professional decorator you can involve small interesting elements in your decorations. Few of which are:

  • Instead of going for tablecloths, you can replace them with a simple roll of plain white paper and drape a large sheet over the tabletops. Here you can leave some crayons for the kids to draw and doodle. It is cheap and will add a great fun element to the party along with engaging the kids.

  • Balloons are anyway cheap even the ones with helium.

  • If your child insists on having a theme party, you can minimize the costume complexity just by buying the plates and clothes of those color themes. For instance, you can use red and blue color for spiderman theme or teal blue for a frozen theme.

Make your own invitations

Even if it feels small, but invitation cards cost a lot more than we think. This is the reason why you should consider making your own invitation cards. You can use recycled paper in hand, or even better send an e-invitation.

Cut short the guests lists

You need to keep the guests lists short to stay within the budgets. Each extra individual invited will cost you added drinks and food. The best way is to stick to the close friends and classmates of your child. As long as the infants are considered it is better to stick with the family members only.

Make your own food

This is the actual magic money saving trick. What you can do is instead of paying to the caterers, you can simply make quick snacks like chips and different dips with sandwiches.

Between all these cost cuttings, the one thing you must spend with loose pocket strings is on the Cake, because this is the only thing the kids look forward to. Book the best cakes and make your kids relish on them.

Consider these checklists and you will be surprised how much money you will end to up and save.

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