Cookies are loved all over the world and are known by different names in different regions as they are amongst the most common desserts. The history of cookies dates back to the 7th century, Persia. Persia was one of the first countries to harvest sugar. The cookies have evolved over years and spread out in every small corner of the world bakeries. This is the one food form that is made from almost everything from peanut butter to ginger to chocolate to sesame.


Though cookies fall under tons of different categories, we have shortened it down to the most famous types

1.    Benne Wafer
Benne Wafers are crispy, thin cookies that are made from toasted sesame and its taste resembles almond and caramel. The cookie has been the specialty of South Carolina for centuries and is believed to be migrated from Africa. ‘Benne’ is a Bantu word for sesame.
2.    Black and White cookie
The Black and White cookie is the epitome of New York City. The cookie is a basic vanilla flavored base that has a fondant topping of chocolate and vanilla divided into half different sections. These are basically made up of the cake batter just with extra flour in order to keep them in place when they are dropped on a baking sheet.
3.    Chocolate Chip Cookie
This cookie, I bet is globally favorite. Every individual enjoys this irrespective of their ages. These definitely fall under the classic category. This super delicious item is made from semisweet chocolate chips, you can couple these with lots of options that include milk chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry, and butterscotch.
4.    Fortune cookie
Wondering, even if such cookies exist? Well yes, they do and they come with a fortune chit. These are crisp cookies made from sugar, vanilla and sesame seed oil. You will mostly find these at the bottom of your Chinese takeouts. But the twist is they were not actually created in China. These cookies are believed to be invented in San Francisco by a Japanese immigrant Makoto Hagiwara, in the early 1900s.
5.    Fried Cookie
Fried cookies are considered to be one of the 8 types of classic cookies. These are basically just the fried dough coated in sugar. These are known for their light and airy texture.
6.    Gingerbread Cookie
This is considered as a prime example of rolled cookie, this basically means that these cookies are made from a stiffer dough that is chilled, rolled out and then cut into shapes with cookie cutter. Gingerbread cookies are harder than any other cookies and are topped with different icings.
7.    Gingersnap cookie
These are flat, circular in shape and are named after the sound they make when they are eaten. Since they are made with extra ginger they are way spicier than their cookie relative gingerbread. The cookies are extremely famous in England and Germany.
8.    Macaroons
They are very colorful round little cookies that are made from flour, sugar and egg whites. These were invented in Italy and are now the most famous in Europe and France.