Butterscotch cakes have a magical connection and getting a homemade butterscotch cake right may seem like a tough deal to start with. But a homemade butterscotch cake can be as good as the one you last tried at your best friend’s birthday bash. It may not require more than a couple of hours spent in the kitchen to get the cake just right. The cakes are adored by youngsters and make a fine alternative for trying out for your child’s birthday.

Upon baking the cake, getting the frosting part right is often challenging for someone who is not accustomed to making the cakes. When the cake is made right, it is soft and moist and has a tender buttery flavor which is high on caramel. The frosting gives an essence of the butterscotch and the cake is rich with refined flavors from within, which are sure to take your guests by a pleasant delight.

The focus primarily lies on three parts, the cake itself and its frosting which makes difference when it is right. One also has to focus on making butterscotch granules, which is essentially praline, a confectionary made from nuts and chocolate.

Let’s take a look at a nice and simple recipe for a butterscotch cake which helps you get the cake just right!

The cake comes out the best when the cake tin is greased with butter and dusted with flour. The next step is to whisk the dry ingredients, flour, baking powder and baking soda with salt until they combine well. A medium mixing bowl is the preferred utensil for the whisking.

You could try making the butterscotch cake with milk. Mix milk slowly to the dry ingredients while it comes to a paste form. The mixture now goes to the prepared cake tin and is baked in an oven for 35-45 minutes. Push a toothpick into your cake and when it comes out clean, the base is ready. The cake can be removed from the tin after cooling it over the rack for 15 minutes.

Praline too can be made at home by first taking sugar and water and heating them in a heavy bottomed saucepan at medium heat, right until the sugar starts bubbling. For best results swirl the pan while the sugar begins to melt and caramelize, and gets a nice amber color. We can then add butter and nuts in the mix well till the butter combines nicely with the caramel. The mixture is dried over a parchment sheet to get flattened praline, which can be broken into pieces and used for the recipe. You can also crush the praline with a rolling pin in a ziplock bag and use crushed praline as a topping for cakes and ice-creams.

When you have your frosting ready, assembling the cake is all that is required to have the perfect homemade butterscotch cake ready.

The first step to go about the same is to have the cake assembled in three layers with a long serrated knife and then brush each layer with sugar syrup. Cakes that have nice frosted cream within the layers seem to make the mark. Whipped cream must be piped over each of the layers in nice circular motions and this yields best results when it is flattened with an offset spatula. Then, we sprinkle two tablespoons of butterscotch granules and two tablespoons of butterscotch essence over each of the two layers.

The cake is then assembled over a rotating platter which eases the frosting part. This should be assembled over a parchment paper for best results. You can also create a rotating platter at home by placing a platter atop a bowl! The next step is to apply a rough crumb coating over the cake, and then refrigerate it for 15 minutes.

The final step is to frost the cake after smoothening out the edges. It is fine to sprinkle some additional butterscotch over the cake, along with a ¾th cup of granules. This makes pleasing crunchy bits in the cake and adds a unique essence to the taste. The cake should be refrigerated for 2-3 hours before it is served.

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