Eggless choco lava cake in 10 minutes (with a 1-minute recipe for eggless choco lava cake at the end)

Choco lava cake or molten lava cake was invented by a chef named Jean- Georges Vongerichten from the United States in New York City in 1987. But later, a French Chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres claim that the dish was already being discovered in France. Choco lava cake is one of the most popular desserts which includes main ingredients such as butter, eggs, sugar, and chocolate.

Due to the high population of vegetarians in India, most of the people prefer eggless cakes rather than cakes with eggs. Just by looking at the cakes it is difficult to make out the difference between them. Cake with eggs helps the ingredients to hold together and makes it light and airy. Eggless cakes are heavier and may end up looking like cookies. To overcome this problem, people started using vinegar and baking soda. They react well together and helps the cake to rise and also makes the cake much lighter than before.

Preparation time for cooking eggless choco lava cake depends upon the number of serving. For preparing the cake, you need ingredients listed below 

Ingredients                   Quantity
Flour                             2 Tablespoons
Cocoa Powder             1 Tablespoon
Powder sugar               3/4 Tablespoon
Baking powder             1/4 Tablespoon
Salt                               A pinch of salt (if required)
Baking soda                 1/8 Tablespoon
Melted Butter               1 Tablespoon
Vegetable Oil               1 Tablespoon
Yogurt                          1 Tablespoon
Vanilla Extract              1 Tablespoon
Milk or water                (to loosen the batter)
Chocolate chips or chocolate chunks (according to your taste)

Steps to prepare Eggless choco lava cake:

1. First and foremost step before preparing the eggless choco lava cake is to grease the ramekins with butter or oil and preheat the oven to 150° C.
2. Take a big bowl and put all the dry ingredients such as salt, flour, baking soda, sugar, cocoa powder and mix them well.
3. Make sure all the dry ingredients are mixed well, after mixing add yogurt, butter oil, and vanilla extract and keep mixing. Add a few teaspoons of milk or water if the batter is too thick.
4. Add 1 tablespoon of butter to each ramekin. Add some chocolate chunks or chocolate chips in the center of the batter.
5. Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of more batter till the ramekins are filled up to 3/4th of its size.
6. Now, bake them at 150° C for 8 – 10 minutes. Generally, small cupcakes take 2 to 5 minutes more than the molten center, depending upon your oven.
7. Take out the Ramekins and serve them warm to your loved ones.

1-minute Eggless choco lava cake
With few changes here and there, you can successfully prepare eggless choco lava cake within 1 minute.

Here is the list of ingredients required:

Ingredients             Quantity
Flour                      1 Tablespoon
Cocoa powder       1 1/2 Tablespoon
Sugar                     1 tablespoon
Powder sugar         A pinch
Baking soda           A pinch
Salt                        A pinch
Milk                        4 tablespoon
Oil                          3 tablespoon (1 tablespoon for greasing bowl)
Chocolate bar

Steps to prepare eggless choco lava cake:

1. Take all ingredients such as flour, sugar, salt, cocoa powder, baking soda and baking powder in a big bowl and mix them well.
2. Keep mixing the batter. To remove the thickness add some milk and oil or butter into the batter.
3. Take a ramekin and oil all sides of it to slide out the cake easily later.
4. Pour the batter into the bowl and add a chocolate bar in the center of the batter.
5. Keep the ramekin in the oven for 1 minute.
6. Once the batter is baked, let it cool down for 2-3 minutes.
7. Use the butter knife to take out the cake.
8. Serve your eggless chocolate cake with some dessert.

110 gram of choco lava cake contains around 112 calories and 13 grams of fat.