Birthdays are undoubtedly the best days! You put all your efforts to make your loved ones feel like a king or queen on their birthday – as everyone around is busy in making the birthday boy/girl feel special! Out of all the people in this world, a best friend is undoubtedly the most special one. So, when it is your best friend's birthday, you simply cannot keep calm – right? There are many ways to make your best friend feel special on a birthday like- you can gift a special birthday cake, customized gifts and much more!  

Have a look below and surprise your best buddy on his/her birthday with these super tricks :


Surprise With Old Gang Of Friends:

Surprise your best friend with a "terrace party" and invite an old gang of friends- just like good old days?  This is an excellent idea that would forever remain etched in your friend’s memory. After a certain point of time meeting and greeting old friends becomes a challenge. So, plan this thing with your friends! But get to know the plans of your best friend for their birthday through his/her family members. Make sure that your friend is at home at midnight. Go to their place and ring the doorbell at midnight with your gang’s signature drink, cookies, and some birthday gifts! Those friends from your gang who stay in a different city or country can connect with you all via video call.


Cook For Your Best Friend:

If cooking is your passion, then you can think of cooking something special for your best friend. Invite him/her to your place and cook their favorite meal. You can also try your signature dish or something new that you want to try. Enjoy the birthday moment with some nice wine and food and of course Netflix!


DIY greeting card:

In the world full of WhatsApp text and emails you can do something different by making a birthday greeting card all by yourself. Write some good words for your friend. This tip will surely make your friend feel special and emotional. 


Surprise Lunch At Work:

This is something that your best buddy will never expect. Go to his/her workplace and surprise them with a special lunch packed from your friend’s favorite restaurant. Or you can surprise them with a box of chocolates or a birthday cake by going to the workplace and then driving him/her to some good restaurant for the special lunch.


Midnight Cake & Gift Delivery:

A birthday cake at your best friend’s doorstep right at midnight is the best surprise. You know their favorite flavor and type of cake your friend prefers. So, simply order cake online for that special day and time. You may also surprise them with the trending photo printed cakes. Pirajees have a wide range of all such cakes.  



Birthdays are special. Make your friend's birthday extra special with these tips. Why worry about getting the right birthday cake when you can order cake online from the best cake shop in Pune.