Want to know 10 best baking hacks?

We have all been there. Where? Baking fails! But there is no rule in baking not to ever fail. Without them neither could we write this blog or even open a cake shop.
Baking should not be that hard. It is not.
Well lets us skip to some of the best baking hacks. The last two hacks will blow your mind.

1) Measure your flour
You can use spoons to measure the flour as it is the best option for beginners. But when you are looking to enter professionalism, you might want to buy a measuring cup or glass. To avoid deep cracks or cracks at all, flour should be perfectly added.

2) Use a paper plate to avoid splashing while you mix
When you are beating the chocolate or mixing the flour with milk or cream, we suggest you close the bowl with a paper plate. How? Well, cut a hole for beater or whisker to fit in and you are set to beat the sweet until very soft and fluid. No spreads!

3) Make your own flour that too gluten free
How? Oats are made gluten-free and for people who are looking to lose weight. Simple as the heading states, you will just have to put the gluten-free oats into the grinder and you will get a powder. That is your gluten-free flour.

4) No rolling pin? No sweating! A drink bottle would do
Wrap your dough with a plastic bag or paper to avoid sticking. Clean your drink’s bottle to ensure no shapes on the dough. Before you roll on, make sure you pack the dough as you desire.
Who said empty bottles are just waste?

5) Warm the eggs up
Forgot to keep the eggs out of refrigerator hours before? Well, you can warm them up in warm water. Warm water helps to bring them in room temperature (which is ideal for mixing, baking, and texture). Let the eggs settle in warm water for some time.

6) Soften the butter faster than usual
When the recipes ask for eggs of room temperature, usually they also ask for room temperature butter. Make it softer in the fastest way possible by doing the same what you did to flatten the dough with a drink’s bottle or a rolling pin (you might want to buy one now). Ziplock the butter and start rolling.
If you live in a country where the summers are often observed more than usual, you can allow the butter to soften all by itself.

7) Did eggshell fall in the bowl full of yolk and white?
That might be a little tough on you. But Instead of wasting your time or finding solutions on the internet, you might want to just put in your finger and pick that out. If you feel gross about eggs, then there is no point in baking, because baking and eggs go hand-in-hand.
Even though, we want to share tips to remove the shell-like using a picker. Utensil picker can easily pinch in and grab the shell.
The half-broken eggshell can also help you remove the shell parts inside. But you might want to again break the bigger piece and add more of the shell pieces. Be careful, dough!

8) Taste the soda
Soda is important to make baked food or desserts crispy. Make sure your soda is ready to make your item crispy by precaution. Put a pinch of soda in a bowl and add half a cup of warm water. No bubbles? Time to buy new soda.

9) Did butter go extinct?
If you forget to get butter or couldn’t find a butter cube in the nearest grocery store, we suggest using Avocado. Yes, you read it right! Avocado works the same as butter but better for health and to ensure you are not rising up your cholesterol levels.

10) Buy a cake!
The best baking tip of life! Buy a cake.

“No hassle of baking
 No temperature setting
 No ingredients missing
 No eggs cracking
 No cake burning
 No food wasting”

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