Founded in the year 2016, PIRAJEES is a brand name of Satav Patil Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. We are a Maharashtra Based Company primarily involved in the Processing of Bakery Products.


The Production Capacity of the Plant is 5 tons per day. We havean experienced, well qualified, and dynamic Team equipped with Cutting edge equipment and technology.

  • The Company covers about 1 acres area. It has enougharea for construction and development. All the units are well placed according to their feasibility.

  • The Company has a separate building of each section. The sections are Administration, preparation, Storage, etc.

  • The plant has its own Q. C. Lab. Detailed analysis of all the products is carried out here. It has all the sophisticated facilities that aid self-analysis and perpetual evolution.


Departments in Manufacturing Unit


We constantly seek to ensure the highest standards of quality in all of our products. To that end, we follow established Good Manufacturing Practices in all of our baking processes.


We are committed to be the best we can in the industry without ever losing our vision. Creating a happy customer base through best practices, spreading happiness through world  class products and achieving success not only for ourselves, but for all our business partners is what all our endeavours are directed at.


'Pure ingredients and impeccable hygiene above all’ is our motto.We believe in a culinary product that at no stage would compromise with these two attributes, no matter what the cost.



In an effort to be completely customer-centric, we have based all our products on 100% vegetarian ingredients. Being respectfully mindful of all the cultural and  physiological requirement of our society as a whole, we have brought this uniformity as a standard to our products.

We are an ISO: 22000 certified company not only on paper but in all our practices too. We believe in ensuring the highest degree of sanitation and hygiene. In short we  follow the best manufacturing practices at all times.

We earnestly believe in the values and belief system of our culture, and know it well that any form of food needs love and care as much as it needs its respective  ingredients.

We maintain ‘Complete Cold chain System’ for the transportation of our products by refrigerated vehicles which is the only way to keep them fresh.

We use the finest and freshest ingredients in our products, and insist on quality control at every stage of production, packaging and delivery We have an expert staff of  chefs, confectioners and artists who strive for ongoing creativity and customer satisfaction.

We believe in good intention in all our practices, for we believe that good intentions vastly improve the probability of good products and services.